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  • Canoes of Oceania
    All about proas. Comments from early and modern Pacific explorers, aero and hydrodynamics of proas. Longish but good post.
  • Chinese lug rig how-to.
    Succinct and well done.
  • Duckworks
    Reader-contributed articles on boatbuilding, sailing, etc (free!). They sell boat designs and boatbuilding supplies too.
  • Single Handed Schooner
    Dynamite Payson's instant boat plans site, where I bought plans for the Single Handed Schooner. (http://chopandquench.typepad.com/photos/schoonerpix/index.html)
  • Craig O'D's Cheap Pages/The Index
    This fairly famous site is a repository of knowledge on Chinese Lug Rigs (junks), proas, boatbuilding, and more.
  • O'Day Tempest Yacht Restoration
    Nice restoration of an O'Day Tempest. I'll be doing something very similar with my recently acquired Tempest.