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J. Lead ballast

J. Lead ballast

This is about 150 lbs of lead. I poured it into a mold formed by the bottom of the daggerboard. Basically you throw 5 or 10 lbs of lead in a cast iron pan, put the pan on your outdoor BBQ burner plate and 15 or 20 minutes later you have a silvery liquid metal that you can easily pour into a mold. It took 21 pours to do this. It's important to do this outside and wear a ventilator mask to avoid poisoning yourself. Oven mitts are a good idea.

The lead forms around silicon bronze screws, screwed half way into the inside of the daggerboard frame. It's a bit more than the 106 pounds of lead specified in the plans, but what the hell, Susan's schooner has 150 lbs and it sails well and takes quite a bit of wind to knock it down as I understand it.

I will fair it some more, then fiberglass the whole daggerboard.